Selfish not Selfish

Selfishness drove me to grab the last chilled from the Fridge, Apple. The rest of the family had beaten me to all the others. Unknown to me they had been selfishly guarding a secret that they were plainly at pains to keep! Crunch coefficient running around 95-98%. Sweetness rating: “When too much Sugar just isn’t enough”! (Dip the hat to Roy Slaven and HG Nelson). I am Tasmanian. Knowing a good Apple is ingrained in the genes. Almost 6 years here and had all but given up on eating a tasty, firm and near perfect crunchy Apple. I have never been able to figure out why the Apples were so lousy – usually furry flesh texture meaning too long in the packing Box. It was as if we were used as a typical third world dumping ground for past its use by date product. Top price these Apples were sold for. All terrible!

Now? I have been rescued by the “Ambrosia” apple from new Zealand. At last, this pining Tasmanian Apple soul has been thoroughly replenished once again, and all by my distant Cousins across the Tasman Sea ditch – awesome Apples to the grocer in KL. Eight in the Pack and every one a Winner! Love ya New Zealand, but hate ya in the Bledisloe Cup! (secretly admire, but don’t tell anyone). As for the rest of the family – your selfish sweet and crunchy secret is no more.

“Almost 6 years here and had all but given up on eating a tasty, firm and near perfect crunchy Apple”.

Selfishness drove me to compile musical playlists over the Years. For my pleasure first and foremost! If anyone else enjoys then that is a bonus.

Through Surfing I became a selfish authoritarian with family based holidays booked mainly in and around swell forecasts.

Selfishly, I seek and gain some solitude space in my daily existence. Just a simple sit for coffee, in the shade, maybe a read of the news and peering at the immediate riot of plants in the recently installed landscape job (Very Nice work Chris!). Shade enjoying plants over the Summer months have become Sun threatened plants for the next 4 months over Winter (KL style) The lower Sun arc has lit up a previously shady area like a Christmas tree. Already Sun damage, but some are also hardening up to the new normal of Sun roasting from 8am till 2pm. Selfishly, I want Summer to last every year.

Only being in the new place for a bit over 3 months I had no real idea on seasonal Sun impact. Just something to work out with the benefit of observation over time. It will get worked out, even if it means moving the Plants elsewhere.

“…..maybe a read of the news and peering at the immediate riot of plants in the recently installed landscape job”

Temporarily, the Mighty & Awesome Mama Chili Padi has been brought from the back to the front yard and now casts some Dappled shade from her 6 feet tall canopy! Mama Chile is in her second season, coming off the back of producing 330 Chilis in her first part of life on a Condo balcony to now in landed property. Pruned back foliage by about 30% and potted up to slightly bigger tub just after the move and now – Voila, all over again and twice the size plant. Looks like Chili numbers will not be much short of last season’s crop! Nothing selfish with the Chili padi. We will be unselfish and spread the love around. Just waiting on the final colour up, package again to mail out to family and friends as per early Covid lockdown, which is back again unfortunately 5 months later.

“…the Mighty and Awesome Mama Chili Padi……now casts some dappled shade from her 6 feet tall canopy”.

My loving partner doesn’t place restrictions or express outward annoyance (not sure what she inwardly thinks of surf focus booked holiday destinations though) at the selfish behavior above. Likewise, recognition and acceptance by me to towards her selfish pursuits of a good work out, reading her classical books and retreating to the Bookstore Coffee shop is a necessary part of our successful partnering. Not being selfish is what we practice in providing the opportunity for a selfish haven for the other. Selflessness must find a space in relationships just as it needs to for a successfully functioning society. Selfishness that dominates equally destroys both.

A measure of selfishness exists generally in all. After all, what we do for ourselves nurtures body and soul. A measure, is a natural part of us that deserves recognition by ourselves and people around us. Is so easy to let selfishness creep into the psyche much more than it need to. I am perpetually on guard for creep outbreak. Sometimes it takes hard work not to be selfish. To participate in life, our acts of selfishness must be more than balanced by the unselfish. Gain balance of these and a wonderful rewarding life follows.

Am still working on that balance, 62 years on in life. Very tricky…….

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