Boss roll call continues. This time? Read on …….

2. Arrogant Boss

Some would say that there is no difference between the Sadistic boss and this. I disagree. This variety maintains an aloofness which is clearly demonstrated by the closed door. It is never open unless being used for that purpose of human movement.

Loves sitting behind the desk, arms usually crossed during conversation. Has the uncanny ability to lift up the chin while at the same time frowning down at the gnat sitting at the door side of the desk. Will play favourites.

Will always talk down to the suffering employee and is prone to grossly exaggerating their own professional ability and importance to the organisation.Is always a one way conversation and loves tossing painstakingly prepared reports across the table at the staff member and calling it total rubbish without offering any form of critique.

That one was in recent years, having the unfortunate experience of putting up with this person for a bit over twelve months. I was more fortunate than others. He struggled with the broad knowledge base required of the job. I was his 2IC who had the handle across the job scope. I had a long term good relationship with his Boss, having worked directly for him over the previous few years.

It was a case of Arrogant Boss forcing himself to be nice to me which must have pained him considerably. He took out his frustrations of being nice to me on other employees, especially our wonderful highly organised office admin boss who happened to be a woman. Misogynistic he was.

Arrogant Boss definitely overestimated himself sending threatening to resign unless he got paid more, bluff emails to the big Boss. He did this one time too many, had his bluff called and was out the door not long after. Good!

Boss Rating 2:10 and that is being nice.

3. Standard Boss

Yes they and we do exist.

Usually trademarked by pleasant demeanor, likes a bit of fun, office door always open (mostly). Approachable by all levels in the hierarchy. Has really good knowledge across most of the required areas and is always happy to ask the question if they don’t. Staff generally have a measure of loyalty and actively volunteer tasks assigned.

This is one Boss that considers staff welfare important. Don’t be mistaken, there is nothing wishy-washy about this person. They can and do make firm decisions. You will be pulled aside and have it clearly enunciated where you have gone wrong. They expect people to be on time and courteous in deliberations.

I have had a few of these going right back to Part time jobs during Uni days. The Cleaning Boss, Bar Manager, Plant Nursery proprietor and Landscape construction Boss. I had a good run with all of them and learnt much in the process. Maybe that is why the Sadistic Boss was such a shock as I assumed that all future Bosses would be like those during Uni days.

Boss Rating 8:10 because no one is perfect.

4. Avoidance Boss

Thankfully, just one of these graced my working career. Nice person to talk to, but wholly ineffective when it came to managing staff and issues that cropped up. Didn’t like the concept of uncomfortable issues and willfully ignored them as long as he could, even if firm decisions early would have resolved the problem.

His ability to duck or disappear for cover when the heat was applied was truly a skill I will never get. His underlings including me were constantly left to deal with the mess as best we could. Even though he had a great level of autonomy, he was always making decisions based on conversations with his Director. Never to make one solo decision.

Always asked myself – how did he end up where he was? It was because our Director wanted exactly that Boss type under him as he was a serious micro manager. Staff turnover? Absolutely shocking because of this do nothing Boss that most of the time would avoid any responsibility with staff ending up tossed under the Bus!

Boss Rating 5:10 just because he was a nice and honest person and understood process far more than most I have worked for. Take those out and it would be 1.

5 Stealth Boss (could be also Subtle Boss)

They can be a mystery. It is as if they exist in a peripheral plane of existence, but declare their visibility at the crucial times of support. Their office always with minimal lighting, just enough to tastefully distinguish the face from the shadows. Usually a coffee peculator conveniently located near the desk with the Worlds most vigorous coffee grinds within.

This one would magic his way into my office, apparently aware of the innermost machinations of my brain, within seconds suggesting a sensible solution that has been avoiding me for hours. While I consider the implications I look up and Boss has gone, journeyed via his peripheral plane to elsewhere. Never a raised voice, just plain simple surety and calmness of sounds, words and phrases that come out. There is nothing that cannot be solved in a calm and simply reasoned manner as far as Stealth Boss is concerned.

Boss Rating 9:10 because they are so sublime.

Coming soon – the Final Boss installment and a short final word about Dictators.

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