Happiness is …

Well before even pre-dawn I finally give up the toss and turn and reluctantly climb out of bed. Not before one last desperate attempt to still the now restless mind by nestling in the sleeping form of the wife for a few minutes. Eyes closed and nourished in her warmth and the familiarity of seven years and roughly 2500 sleeps together. It almost works to still the mind with my focus merging us into one.

She shifts with an arm flung out to my leg resulting in my restless mind switching on again. Chaos of thoughts are jumping from one subject to the next – an upcoming design and build job with many potential pitfalls, recovery from a nasty little bout of flu and dealing with a surfing injury to the big right toe.

Exiting the bedroom the mind is coursing through what ifs, maybes, frustration and fear in no particular order. Lotto, Shades and Alice the cats are hovering millimetres away from the Door. Mango the cat is expectantly looking from the top of the stairs nearby. Lotto does the standard good morning happy to see you Doglike repeated headbutt to my calves, and then rotates the happy headbutt to the other cats as well.

I bend down to pat Lotto first with another happy headbutt nestling into my palm. Was learnt a long time ago that all must be treated equally and all get corresponding good morning head pats and firm spine massage. The caressing loving touch dissipates the desperate clutter of little more than a minute ago.

Happiness and pleasure are all there is in this brief window of time. I know the cats happiness is to a certain extent a facade as they start hovering around the crunchies food bowls expectantly looking at me and back at the food bowls. That is a Cats life to con the human into believe they are happy to see you. I suppose they are but it is only to feed their selfish food desires. It doesn’t work this time though at 5.00am. I head downstairs and they slump back to sleeping poses.

Coffee made and out to balcony I head to sit with the quiet and dark as company. Mango the cat joins me. Absent minded pats result and are then forgotten as desperation for a good nights sleep almost overwhelms the senses. Is futile these thoughts as the surfing injury is just one of those random things that happens when surfing crowded places. Others not being aware or just not good enough at what they do impacting my surf bliss.

It will only take a few more weeks to heal and besides the flu needs a bit more time to play out. Is just the way it is. Upcoming job? Yes there is free time demanded in preparing the proposal. If the Client doesn’t like then it is back to the drawing board, but is not something I haven’t been through a thousand times before. I just need to get on with it, finish the sketch designs and work up a rough estimate. The jumbled mind settles down after an hour that passed like minutes on the balcony.

Sound of bird twitter diverts the senses to the external and look out to a sky noticeably lighter than before. More twittering of bird happiness to greet a new dawn. Decision made to go for a walk up the hill, get some exercise into the flu weary lungs and take in the big scenery of the nearby mountain ranges at the top.

Very few cars about with most of human world still asleep on this early Wednesday morning which is just as I like it. A feather draft of wind from the Jungle hilltop above brings its rich organic freshness with it. Nostrils flare, mouth opens and breath deepens to take in it’s simplicity of movement. All around me bird noises rise, fall and rise again in orchestral movement complimenting the rhythm of the walk.

Top is reached with early morning sun rays lifting the night veil on the mountain range beyond. I pause and still myself with eyes and ears drinking in the simplicity of natures sights and sounds that encourage the pleasure of a smile for the first time in a while.

I continue back down towards home, observing the sights of City skyscrapers nice and sharp after midnight rain that washed our skies clean. The crescent moon still clearly visible to one side as the first sun rays come over the range from the other. Another half hour and this rare sight will be gone.

Can hear music of medium pace electronic beats and voice getting louder as I stroll past our neighborhood park. Thirty plus people doing morning Tai Chi in perfect synch. A few glance my way with simple recognition nods passing between us.

Driveway is reached, stopping to look within at the greenery in the front yard. It’s green lushness is alluring. Rangoon creeper growing up over the balcony that has taken almost three years to flower and now crazy in its red, white and pink honeysuckle scented glory. Wonderful.

Up the stairs into the living area, smile at the sound of my loved one’s voice echoing down from the second story – “Hi honey, you just back from walk? Yes. How was it? So happy I went, birds were out and about, sky is so clear and the views were great. Heaps of people in the Park doing Tai Chi. You want coffee? Yes please”, the upper story reply.

Coffee prepped and out to the balcony with Shaki joining. We sit and early morning gossip just like we do every other day. I briefly mention the unsettled sleep and how feeling, smelling and seeing the simple things during the walk earlier cleared the unsettled mind. The World is one of happiness where we are right now.

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