Ecology Intermission 2.

SYMBIOSIS: A beneficial arrangement between two organisms. Symbiotic relationships occur mainly in three forms: 1. Mutualistic: where both parties benefit from this relationship . Possibly the best known example is Bees and Flowers. Bees pollinate flowers and plants set fruit. In return, Bees take some pollen home and make yummy honey. Everyone is a winner! … Continue reading Ecology Intermission 2.


Pre-dawn Wednesday, early UP after a restless night, partly due to ongoing contemplation of working future after just finishing my job, partly due to the ongoing rolling thunderstorm that seemed to last all night, but mainly due to being a little (understatement) excited about the impending North East Monsoon season surf on Malaysia's East Coast. … Continue reading UP

Part 3: The 20%, Paradise

80% of all Crows in existence are urban dwellers. It is a standard statistic all over the World. The top of the Urban Scavenger tree is their only true place. For human researchers such as my amateur self, great mystery and intrigue surrounds their organisational abilities. Still, there are many unanswered questions. Some suggest Crows … Continue reading Part 3: The 20%, Paradise

Ecology Intermission 1

..a Cautionary Tale or two........... (Ecology: How living things relate to each other and their environment) Previously in Lust and Invasion, the importation of Crows from another Country for pest control purposes realised an explosion of Crows through to the Malaysian Peninsular interior where Crows had never existed. Disastrous consequences for the local ecology from … Continue reading Ecology Intermission 1

Part 2. Lust and Invasion

(just about all facts from Monash Uni Malaysia 2016 Study: Alien origins of the Common House Crow) Great research and clearly written. Crows are the Creme de la Creme of feathered Scavengers. In this case - Corvus splendens, the Asian House Crow. Everyone else on the Scavenger tree in the urban environment will never match … Continue reading Part 2. Lust and Invasion