just WRITE!

Apparently, the best thing to do if there are no ideas for writing is to just write. Right then, now I write. Write about not writing or just use the word “write” as often as possible in a few minutes of writing? I do not want to waste valuable binary digital space writing about nothing. Who would or could read nothing?

Nothing by definition is nothing. By writing this, has nothing metamorphosed into something? Reminds me of Bitcoin! To write, is evidence of something. Writing about nothing has created tangibility, solidness, a reality. Has this broken all known laws of physics? We read this writing. Therefore it exists, even when it is really nothing.

What of the mind of this writer in writing this? Which reality is the writer within – known, unknown Universe or the Writers Infinity Universe? It must be the last as this Universe is the largest of all and only to be contained by our imagination.

The mind within Writers Infinity Universe (copyright C. Round)

We write and write, for what? If nothing is written about, then what does it make this? Is it Right or wrong to suggest that nothing has become something? Or is this concept just so ‘wrong- wrong’ to even contemplate? To hear the word “right”, can be heard as “write. To hear the word write, can be heard as right. To be seen, write is not right, right cannot be write, and may be wrong, or is that right? After all, two wrongs don’t make a right, but it does not prevent us from writing of the wrongs or even the fact that they do not make a right. So, it is right just to write, even though it may not be right to describe as written as it is typed. Is that right??

I cannot tell, my confusion mounts and despair deepens at what to write. The longer this has gone, the stranger the word “write” becomes. The weirder it looks. To write or not write, that has become a pertinent question.

The experts are right after all. Just write!

One thought on “just WRITE!

  1. Mmm, yeah Wright
    Just roll em fatter
    Why worry?!!
    It’s all a matter of perception
    Pleasant thought
    Unpleasant thought


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