DILATION: (Time) a slowing of time in accordance with the theory of relativity that occurs in a system in motion relative to an outside observer and that becomes apparent especially as the system approaches that of the speed of light. (EG: One year of time when the speed of an object is approaching that of light equates to thousands of years of that object at the point of its origin.) (Merriam Webster Dictionary)

Future time awaits us every waking day and after the fall of night. Sleep provides a stasis in time. One moment it is 11pm and the next 7am. Eight hours as measured in our human time is an instant from one waking time to the next. Sleep has become the fixed point of time dilation. It is as if we are transported into Euclidian Space.

This space maintains shape, no matter how small or large. The tunnel of vision is now, the past or future and all are pivoting around our centre of being. Which way do we head? To the past and re-visit our mistakes and ask why? To stop past tragedy? To taste that lost euphoria of the first incandescence of Love? We can only view and cannot stay as time has moved us forward to now, to live in this pivot moment of the tangible and real. Now is not constant.

Every second and minute lived moves us forward whether we desire or not. From this writing, the word typed immediately before is relegated to the past. We are time travelers in the now as we can view what has just been written.

“It is as if we have been transported into Euclidian Space” (DILATE by Malvika Bhasin with Saloni Bedi, Kanal Chhajed, Arpit Jasuja , Rajat Vyas)

We can change the course of future writing by what is revised of past writing now. We cannot write the future until the future is written, nor can we see what the future may be, Yes, we know the supermarket beckons as supplies are running out, so we plan a time to do so. What of the time between now and this planned future? Injury may strike and we cannot shop. Car may break down, preventing travel. A nasty and contagious viral illness may shut down Society as we know it, with the razor wire rolled out to surround us during sleep time (for those not in Malaysia – Google: Masjid India lock down) and we wake to a brand new world of apocalyptic nature. The future is fuzzed with uncertainty that is the only certainty.

While sleeping we do travel to places, times, events and people that we may or may not have experienced in all our waking times. Our countryside of the mind can be unrecognisable to our daytime reality. Time and folded space travelers we are in our quest of waking, existing and sleeping.

Dreamscapes bring us landscapes blatantly rich and bizarre in complexity. Places of verdant hills and valleys dotted by impossible structures ala MC Escher style. Transport in the dreamscapes can take the walker a 100 miles in mere seconds and can take the flyer much further. We can be a jet pilot or the astronaut to every strange and new place we have never been. We are Morpheus, the god of Dreams reshaping our reality. Galaxies of the mind are never ending.

Dilate time we can and do. In sleep time it is a jump point from one level of existence to the next. We stand at the mouth of our time tunnel, daring ourselves to move inwards. The tunnel floor in a whirlpool, a vortex towards diminished point of light in an infinite future. Can it dilate to allow us to move through and complete our journey to the light?

“tunnel floor in a whirlpool, a vortex towards diminished point of light…” (MC Escher)

Dilate up, down, in, out and across dimensions. We never know until the journey is commenced and life yet to be lived. Dilate we must.

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